A journal of sorts

Part of blogging is, well, blogging….putting your thoughts out into the ether. In my numerous efforts at doing this that is where I have failed. Putting too much thought into it, analysis paralysis. For better or worse, not going to do that now. Maybe its a function of getting older and caring less.

Was up early-ish today and decided to get on the treadmill. Put on Pearl Jam Radio (one of my favorite stations). A song came up from an artist I enjoy that I had not heard before and ended up loving it. Sunshower by Chris Cornell. Then my thoughts went to the fact that so many talented artists are so tortured apparently. What is it about experiencing pain that distills that creativity in some. Doesn’t seem that there is a middle ground that often. You’re either happy and boring, or tortured and interesting/mysterious. Food for thought.

First Post

So, what better way to pass the time during a Pandemic than to start a blog! This will be interesting….